HtheB nous livre une nouvelle version de Beup, qui passe en 0.5 (ce qui ravira beaucoup d'entre vous, cf les commentaires sur le 1er article concernant Beup)

beup live screenshot

Changelog: You can login to Beup Live now, it won't kick you directly after you login.

The issues in Beup Live 0.5 (Emergency Release) are:

- After 1 minute, you can't change your status and nickname anymore. - The contact persons in your list will see you as offline after 1 minute. You can't change this unless you just login to Beup Live again (since MSN is thinking you are not online anymore) - After 1 minute, you can still chat, but ONLY to the contacts which you are already talking with (as long as the session is alive!) - You won't see new contacts coming online or going offline. To refresh, just logout and login again.

Téléchargez BEUP LIVE 0.5