Les changements sont les suivants:

DLDI files are no longer limited to 4 kilobytes. Added some features linked to the charging state. (Or whatever is assigned to be determined) L / R key combinations (such as single-click or press and hold) were added. (Readme_keymap.txt). Startup time reduced slightly. Changed to a secure memory initialization during startup for homebrew. Can now open files without changing cursor position/highlighted file. "DEFORUTOKODOPEJI that can be specified in the text reader." The on-screen text reader can choose to have text / clock / off . Character spacing can be changed in the text reader.

Fixed a bug that causes a memory access violation when attempting to automatically detect text encoding. Fixed a bug that in the automatic DLDI patching that caused the patch to not be applied. Fixed a bug that corrupts data being written added a simple check. Several bugs affecting memory usage fixed. Fixed a bug that can corrupt the configuration file when you save settings. "Fixed a bug that number was wrong image file list display mode." Fixed a bug that gets in the background screen menu system. Fixed a bug that affected DPG playback where the file will not play until the end. Fixed a bug that the wrong conversion algorithm when DPG decoder used to convert YUV-> RGB.

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